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We are an eco-friendly dry-cleaners! We use non-carcinogenic solvent which is filtered and cleaned daily so each load has fresh, clean solvent.

Why do other dry-cleaners choose not to do this? Because solvent is expensive, it's time-consuming and every time the solvent is cleaned, some of the solvent is lost. 

All of our machines are cleaned every day to maintain the highest quality cleanings.


If the label says, "do not dry-clean" or "spot clean only", we will not clean the item without your permission.


While we do our very best to double check all pockets, there's always a chance we will miss something that causes accidental stains to occur; so empty those pockets!


**All household items must be paid in full at drop off**

Household items are things like, bedding, rugs, tablecloths, etc. We clean each item to our exceptional standards. Our industrial washers, dryers, and dry cleaning machines are cleaned daily to maintain the highest quality cleaning. 

We always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning on the care label of the item. If there isn't a care label on the item, we follow industry standards to the best of our ability. If we think the household item should be cleaned differently, we will contact you directly.

**Please do not cut care labels off of any item you purchase, especially household items!** 



In our experience, when a household item is cleaned, it will almost never look the same as the day you purchased it. Industry standard states that all household items will shrink 3-5% after cleaning it. We require all individuals to sign a release of liability acknowledging that there are risks involved when any household item is cleaned. We will always follow exactly what the care label suggests. This liability waiver covers changes and/or damages to the item that are out of our control when cleaned; meaning poor quality manufacturing  (i.e. color loss/fading/bleeding, shrinkage, sun-rot, etc.).


  • Tassels will never come out of a cleaning looking nice. 

  • An item that has white with a strong color, it is likely to bleed when cleaned. 

  • We will always follow the care label's recommendations from the manufacturer

  • PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE CARE LABELS! If there isn't a care label, we clean it based on industry standards. If we think it should be cleaned differently, we will contact you directly

  • Some comforters may require dry-cleaning

  • Industry standard states that all household items (i.e. comforters) will shrink 3-5% after cleaning

  • PLEASE NOTE: a comforter will never come out as nice after washing it. If there is batting it will bunch, it will never lay the same, and it will shrink 


**WE OFFER FLUFF ONLY SERVICE (for refreshing and disinfecting only)



There are two types of rugs:

Type #1: rug doesn't have any sort of backing (i.e. it can be rolled up into a ball like a blanket). These are the types of rugs we can clean in our industrial machines.

Type #2: rug has a glued on backing (i.e. makes the rug stiff, can only be rolled up into a cylinder) made with rubber, jute, etc. These are rugs that won't fit in our industrial machines. Instead, we clean these types of rugs using a carpet cleaning machine. 

**we will clean type 2 rugs no bigger than 5x7**

**we cannot clean shag rugs**

PLEASE NOTE: We will always pre-spot rug stains but we can never guarantee all spots will be removed. Our best effort is always made.


All flat sheets and pillowcases are pressed. Fitted sheets are just folded.

**Please specify if you want fitted sheets pressed (costs more)**

We provide two ways to care for your sheets and pillowcases:

  1. Launder, press, and hang them so they come out clean and crisp

  2. Fluff and fold: we launder, dry, and fold them (skip the pressing) *charged by the pound (cheaper)*

TIP: get crisp sheets and pillowcases for less. Ask for our "press only" service and get 30% off (MUST BE FRESHLY CLEANED)


Charged by piece.

Inspected and spot treated (if needed) and then washed and pressed. Gently hung on a hanger to retain crispness. 


Authentic Sheep Skins (does not include faux):

  • Price to clean is determined on the number of skins sewn together (usually 1-4 pieces).

Feather Beds (does not include feather comforters):​

  • In our experience, feather beds take about 4 days to dry in our industrial dryers, this makes the cleaning cost higher. See/call our stores for details on pricing.

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